Tuesday, August 4, 2015

ESA Baltimore

There is a great organized oral session on greenroofs taking place next week at the Ecological Society Meeting in Baltimore on Tuesday Aug. 11 starting at 8am:
Click here to see the lineup of amazing speakers

Special sampling trip on Multnomah County roof with Sydney and Jessica

Sydney and Jessica are the main graduate students working on the greenroof biodiversity study.  

Summer lab appreciation!

GRIT tour of the woodlawn apartments

Another new Portland greenroof and a potential new study site. Shown here is the general viewscape and a few plant closeups

Thursday, June 4, 2015

another greenroof book (chapter 2 is my favorite)



I saw a pinyon jay try to eat a white (cabbage?) moth on a roof today. Unfortunately, I interrupted the meal with my picture-taking.  The traps are also coming back really full, so we can only wonder how much of our catch we are sharing with the birds at this point.